Fada Rettifiche Coni Mandrini

internal taper grinding

Years of experience have taught FADA Rettiffiche Coni Mandrini the importance of providing quality, innovative and reliable services, and this policy has enabled the company to build up an extensive, international customer base. FADA offers multi-brand, internal spindle taper grinding services on all types of machine tools, both in Italy and abroad, including on-site interventions. Internal spindle taper grinding operations may be performed directly on board the machine, on horizontal and vertical work stations, and boring machines, with a maximum downtime of two hours and without the need to replace any parts. 

Thanks to our processes it is possible to resolve problems related to ovalization, galling, seizing, and internal marking on iso 30-40-50 and 60 tapers, on milling machines, boring machines and work stations (including systems fitted with BIG-PLUS type tool holders).

For more information, call:
348. 33 34 116 - 348. 33 34 114

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