Fada Rettifiche Coni Mandrini

grinding on horizontal machines

FADA offers the following services:

  • internal spindle taper grinding on horizontal machines
  • internal spindle taper grinding on vertical machines
  • ovalization grinding
  • seize grinding
  • clamp drawing controls
  • ISO 30, 40, 50 and 60 taper grinding
  • grinding operations on milling machines, milling machines and BIG-PLUS work stations

Grinding the tapers directly on board the machine means that it is possible to perform the operation without dismantling the spindle, guaranteeing perfectly conical tapers while reducing machine downtime to a minimum. The entire operation will be completed within a few hours, directly at your premises.

For more information, call:
348. 33 34 116 - 348. 33 34 114

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